A Stylistic Analysis of Manuel Arguilla’s How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife

Writing Style, Linguistic Features, Words, Sentences, Nativist Diction


  • Joemar Miñoza
    Instructor 1, Languages, Literature and Communication, Cebu Technological University, Philippines
  • Jehu Sabijon Cebu Technological University, Philippines
  • Lawrence C. Ibundas Cebu Technological University, Philippines
January 1, 2023


This study analyzed the writing style of Manuel Arguilla in ‘How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife’ in order to propose guidelines for describing writing style. The use of structural grammar helped describe the stylistic functions of words; the nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; sentences; sentence length, structures, patterns, and voice; and local color: nativist diction. These features were identified, counted, and tabulated to describe the writing style of Manuel Arguilla. Hence, the writing styles revealed are vivid, jaunty, direct, smooth-flowing, and precise. The findings of the study and the effects of these linguistic features were the basis to come up with proposed guidelines for analyzing a writing style of an author. Based on the findings the conjunctions, the rhetorical type of sentences, and the other elements of local color are recommended for further analysis of styles.

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