Effect of Herdsmen and Farmers' Crises on Food Security in Nigeria

Herdsmen Farmer Frustration-Aggression Grazing Ranching Zone


August 31, 2019


The study investigated the effects of herdsmen and farmers’ crisis on food security in Nigeria. Specifically, the study examined the factors influencing herdsmen and farmers crisis in Nigeria. The study also determined the effects of herdsmen and farmers crisis on food security in Nigeria. Lastly, the study analyzed the socio-economic implications of herder/farmers clashes on Nigeria. Qualitative data and secondary source of data was adopted to gather data for the study. The movements of herdsmen to new grazing area where culture, language, belief, religion, land tenure system etc. are not familiar to them are seen as one of the source of the clash between the herdsmen and farmers. The study also revealed that the unfriendly and conflictual relationship between the two parties in the conflict has greatly impacted on food security especially food for immediate consumption. Based on the findings, it was recommended that tackling desertification through reforestation and irrigation farming should be encouraged. It was also recommended that a large expanse of land set aside primarily for grazing should be declared as ranching zone. This should be made available across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.