Isolation and Characterization of Phenol degrading Bacteria from Wastewater

Characterization; Isolation; Phenol-Bacteria; wastewater


  • Abd El-Rady A. Mousa
    Lecturer, Department of Botany, Faculty of Science Kufrah, Benghazi University, Libya
September 10, 2023


Out of 30 bacterial isolates from wastewater were checked for growth on a minimal salt medium amended with different concentrations of phenol by flask culture technique. The eight most tolerant bacterial strains to the higher concentrations of phenol, designated as W2, W5, W9, W12, W14, W15, W19 and W29, were investigated for their ability to grow and degrade phenol. Among the eight higher phenol degrading isolates, W15 can tolerate up to 1000 ppm of phenol concentrations and grow and degrade 94% of phenol within 72 hrs. The optimum temperature and pH condition were 37C◦ and 7, respectively. The yeast extract is the best organic nitrogen source, while ammonium chloride is the best inorganic nitrogen source for the growth and degradation of phenol.