The Investigating of the Effect of Magnetic Field on a Flint Glass for Optical Isolators Applications

Faraday rotator, flint glass, optical isolator, polarized light


  • Khudaidad Wasiq
    Department of Physics, Education Faculty, Badakhshan University, Afghanistan.
  • Mohammad Tayeeb Qurdash Department of Physics, Education Faculty, Baghlan University, Afghanistan.
August 20, 2023


In this study, the effect of a magnetic field on a Flint Glass for optical isolator applications has been reported. A flint glass and a laser light source with a wavelength of 650nm were used as a medium and a light source, respectively. The magnetic field was produced by applying a current through a coil. The linearly polarized light was passed through the medium in the presence of a magnetic field, and the angle of rotation was measured. The angle of rotation was plotted versus magnetic field strength and fitted linearly. The experimental results showed that the flint glass becomes optically active in the presence of a magnetic field because it rotates the plane of linearly polarized light, and this rotation increases with respect to the magnetic field linearly. The Verdet constant was calculated  for 650nm, which is a large coefficient for the rotation of the plane of polarized light.