Comparative Analysis of Sino-US Pop Singer's Influence in the New Media Era

pop music pop singer China US Comparative Analysis


  • Qingqing Feng
    Grade 2 Master, School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China
April 15, 2023


Popular music has clearly permeated every aspect of modern society, whether it is through active participation in streaming media or opening music software, or passive acceptance while doing business in coffee shops and retail malls. The United States has long been at the top of the world music market, and its pop music has influenced the trend of contemporary pop music. In recent years, with the continuous development of the music industry, pop music has gradually become an important aspect that demonstrates the cultural soft power of the country and region. The struggle between China and the United States in terms of soft power has been fiercer in light of globalization and rivalry between the two nations. This article will refer to the "Billboard" list of the most influential singles in the United States in recent years and the "Grammy" award, the most authoritative music award, to introduce several influential Chinese singers overseas and representative American singers. Comparing and analyzing the current Chinese and American popular music and comparing their influence is of great significance for grasping the development trend of the times, understanding popular trends, enhancing the soft power of Chinese culture, and using music as a carrier to promote Chinese culture to the world stage.