A System Approach to Increasing the Level of Language Capacity: The Effect of Language Skills Interaction

Theory of systems, cognitive theory, linguistic abilities, teaching English, effective transfer, language skills


March 11, 2023


The four interconnected and interdependent parts of language skills speaking, listening, reading, and writing, come into play while engaging in natural conversation. The system approach contends that interaction and coordination between these four skills, rather than a mere sum of the four abilities, lead to the development of total language capacity. The system theory is the cause of this coordination and interaction. This research examines how four language skills interact, and the findings show that these skills have a significant and direct impact on one another. This is made feasible using specific notions from physiology and psychology and those deriving from system theory. The study then examines if there is a demand for and whether it is possible to increase school students' full English language proficiency by fusing four language skills in a manner that is both more effective and affordable. The next step is an analysis of whether or not improving high school pupils' overall English language proficiency is necessary or even possible.