A Thematic Analysis of Hassan Zrizi’s Novel: I Will Wait for You: Hope Springs Eternal

Thematic analysis, Waiting, Train station, Hope, Arwas


  • Salma Bartiza
    Doctoral Candidate in Gender and Cultural studies, Department of English, Hassan II University in Mohammedia, Morocco
March 8, 2023


This article attempts to analyze the novel I Will Wait for You: Hope Springs Eternal by Hassan Zrizi, who tries to get out of the traditional mannerisms and monotony that overwhelm the writings of some novelists. He employs the characters of the novel in a manner that commensurate with their events, so that the reader imagines that he/she is part of these characters, and what applies to the characters applies to the events, time and space. Moreover, the language that the writer uses as a narrative method belongs to eloquent Arabic language.