An Analysis of the Artistic Characteristics of Dances in Dunhuang Murals

Dunhuang Dance Style and Characteristics Artistic Characteristics


March 7, 2023


Dunhuang art is regarded as a great miracle and treasure in the traditional culture and art of the Chinese nation, with the murals in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes as the main component. Dunhuang dance is not only one of the important components of Dunhuang murals but also embodies rich content and various expressive techniques. In the long process of development, it gradually formed a unique style. Based on this, taking Dunhuang dance as the research object and combining it with the existing research results, this paper aims to explore the performance techniques and characteristics of Dunhuang dance patterns in China's ancient dance from two perspectives, including its style and characteristics, as well as its artistic characteristics in the dance images of Dunhuang murals, and to ponder over how to inject valuable new vitality into the precious heritage left by ancestors.