Uncovering Students' Knowledge in Local History: The Camando to Leon Case

Local History, Knowledge, Leon, Level, Grade 12 Senior High School Students


  • Maricar C. Agon
    Teacher III, Coordinator, Operations and Learner Support, Gender and Development, Cultural Activities & Teen Center, Tacuyong Sur National High School, Leon, Iloilo, Philippines
December 12, 2021


This descriptive-quantitative research study determined the knowledge in the local history of the Grade 12 students in Leon, Iloilo, when respondents were classified according to a type of school, family income, place of residence, and exposure and participation in Municipal activities. Through stratified random sampling technique, 233 Grade 12 students of the six secondary schools in the Municipality of Leon Batch 2019-2020 were the selected participants. The data were gathered utilizing a duly-validated researcher-made questionnaire that was delivered via an online Google form to the selected Grade 12 students of the six secondary schools. Using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), the data was tallied, computer-processed, analyzed, and interpreted and set at a .05 level of significance. Students have average awareness of local history and exposure to and participation in various municipal events when classified by type of school, family income, and place of residence. When pupils were categorized according to the type of school, there was a significant difference in their knowledge of local history but no significant differences in their family income or place of residence. Students' knowledge of local history has no significant relationship to their level of exposure and participation in various municipal activities. Students are more knowledgeable about sociocultural history than they do about political history.