Racism and gender disparity in Peter Abraham's Mine Boy (1946) and Ngugi wa Thiong'o's Weep Not, Child (1964)

Racism; Gender Disparity; Mine Boy and Weep not, Child


  • Ordu, Stanley
    Research Department, Chaps multi-concept Ltd, Omoku, Rivers State, Nigeria
  • Better Odukwu Department of General Studies, Federal College of Education (Tech), Omoku, Rivers state, Nigeria
December 14, 2022


No writer operates in a vacuum, and there is a close relationship between literature and society. African writers had no other issues to focus on apart from the issues of racism, economic class, leadership, traditional African values, and some post-colonial issues which were predominant in their society. The work will use postcolonial, Marxist and sociological theories and methods in the analysis. There is a denial of rights and subjugation. Finally, since literature and society are interwoven, there is a reaction of protest from the writers as a means of protest literature.