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Grammar Podcasts for ESL College Students


  • Reima Al-Jarf Full Professor of English and Translation Studies, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Podcasts are audio files that are automatically delivered to the student’s computer, smart phone, iPad or MP3/MP4 player. They can be automatically updated. Students typically subscribe to podcasts using "podcatcher" software such as iTunes. The present study proposes a model for integrating grammar podcasts in teaching English grammar to EFL/ESL college students. It gives examples of English grammar podcasts that can be integrated in in-class grammar instruction. It shows how grammar podcasts can be downloaded and used and some of the grammatical structures and topics are covered by those podcasts. Grammar podcasts contain 2-5-minute-long audio explanations of a particular grammatical point or structure. They include a lesson script, exercises, quizzes with an answer key, and/or an English grammar help where answers are given to students’ questions about problematic grammatical points. Students can download podcasts, print the script, do the exercises and score their answers themselves. Elementary, intermediate, and advanced level grammar podcasts can be downloaded depending on the students’ needs and proficiency level. Unlike face-to-face classroom lectures, students can listen to grammar podcasts anywhere, anytime and as many times as they need. Classroom discussions on a grammar podcast can be performed in pairs, small groups or even whole class. End-of-semester grammar tests can be given to find out improvements in the students’ grammatical knowledge/achievement as a result of integrating grammar podcasts in EFL grammar courses. Recommendations for the effective use of grammar podcasts are given.

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British Journal of Teacher Education and Pedagogy

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2 (2)





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Al-Jarf, R. (2023). Grammar Podcasts for ESL College Students. British Journal of Teacher Education and Pedagogy, 2(2), 36–42.



Grammar practice, EFL/ESL students, college students, grammar podcasts, BBC podcasts, VOA podcasts.