Faculty Primary Functions in a Private Higher Education Institution: Basis for Performance Evaluation

Instruction, research, community service, extension, production, performance


  • Marjorie S. Velasco
    School of Graduate Studies, Core Gateway College, Inc. San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
May 15, 2023


This descriptive research was conducted to determine the four primary functions of faculty in a private higher education institution: instruction, research, community service or extension, and production, which is the basis of their performance evaluation. A researcher-made survey questionnaire was distributed to 56 faculty members from different programs of a private college who served as the study’s respondents. Results showed that the respondent’s four primary functions were described as agree. At the same time, their performance based on their functions was rated as very satisfactory. Findings revealed that the problems encountered by the respondents in the delivery of their tasks include having insufficient books or references in teaching, no research seminars and training provided for faculty, lack of institutional support in terms of community extension services, and not enough knowledge in book publication and the cost of printing is high. Some recommendations were made to help the institution and its faculty tackle the issues related to their functions.