A Pedagogical Approach to Fostering Culturally Diverse Learners’ Engagement in Self-Regulated Learning

culturally diverse learners self-regulated learning culturally responsive teaching engagement complex task pedagogical practice


May 12, 2023


Self-regulated learning (SRL) and culturally responsive teaching (CRT) research identify practices that foster engagement, albeit from different perspectives. Little research exists on how a combined SRL and CRT practices could support students’ engagement. This study, using a case study design, examined how an elementary classroom teacher in Canada integrated SRL and CRT practices to support culturally diverse students. Six culturally diverse students in a combined grade 5, 6, & 7 classrooms participated in this study. Data collected included observations, records of classroom practices, students’ work samples, survey, and interviews. Findings indicated the potential of integrating SRL and CRT practices in supporting students’ engagement in SRL. Implications for theory, teaching practice and research are discussed.