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Changes in Gravity Value and Anti-Gravity Application


  • Wilson Chan SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong, Indonesia


Gravity is a phenomenon that has been part of the universe since its creation. This phenomenon is when an object pulls everything around it toward the center of the object. Gravity itself was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century. Humans think that there is no such thing as anti-gravity. This research aims to prove that the value of a planet's gravity can change under certain conditions. In addition, this research also aims to prove that humans can create something that causes all objects in a particular area to have a value close to anti-gravity. In short, 3 influences can change the value of a planet's gravity. This research uses two methods, namely, the application of the formula that has been applied and data as evidence from the research results. The research was carried out, and various analyses were collected, which turned out to verify that gravity can change its value due to specific natural conditions. When collecting the analysis, it turned out that there is a concept that can make humans change gravity in an area by using materials that are available directly from the earth itself.

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British Journal of Physics Studies

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Chan, W. (2022). Changes in Gravity Value and Anti-Gravity Application. British Journal of Physics Studies, 1(1), 20–26.



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