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CSR-Based Corporate Environmental Policy Implementation


  • Iskandarsyah Siregar Universitas Nasional, Indonesia; Regaranggi Institute, Indonesia
  • Zulkarnain Universitas Nasional, Indonesia; Regaranggi Institute, Indonesia


Environmental problems are increasingly showing an increase. This phenomenon indicates that environmental policies have not been successful. Companies must pay attention to all aspects, namely financial aspects, social aspects, and environmental aspects based on the Triple Bottom Line concept. Not only concerned with the benefits to be achieved. As a business is running its business, the company must pay more attention to the social and environmental conditions. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be used as an alternative that should be developed to share the direction of corporate responsibility towards various social and environmental issues. The problems of this research are how to implement the company's Corporate Social Responsibility in environmental management and how the synergy between the government and companies in the company's Corporate Social Responsibility. This research using qualitative methods and field observations shows actual results that provide conclusions and recommendations for immediately improving systems, strategies, and implementing policies that favor the environment.

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British Journal of Environmental Studies

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CSR-Based Corporate Environmental Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, environmental management