Semiotics Critical Analysis of the Anakkon Philosophy of Hi Do Hamoraon Di Au in Marparbue Do Lojami Song Lyrics

Semiotics Anakkon Homoraon


November 27, 2022


This study analyses the Philosophical Semiotics Analysis of the Song Lyrics of Anakkon Hi Do Hamoraon Di Au in Marparbue Do Lojami's Song Lyrics. The data collection technique in this research is library research, by recording all data related to the problem under study with various librarian documents, such as books, articles, and manuscripts published in newspapers, magazines, and the internet. This study shows how songs become a medium used to represent the cultural identity of a society. The community referred to in this study is the Toba Batak community. Batak Toba, one of the tribes in Indonesia, comes from the island of Sumatra, called North Sumatra. The socio-cultural system of the Toba Batak community plays an important role in creating a harmonious culture, especially in the continuity of children's education in the Toba Batak family. Generally, Toba Batak people everywhere have a philosophy of "anakkon hi do Cameroon di au". It means that my child is my treasure. Because most of the active roles of Toba Batak parents in sending their children to school seem so strong, they are willing to fight hard for their children's success.