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Revealing the Influence of Social Media Advertising on Women's Representation in Moroccan Society


  • ADDICHANE Essafa English Language Instructor, Fez- Morocco PhD Student at Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Dhar El Mehraz, Fez, Morocco
  • Amrani Fatima Professor, Department of English, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Dhar El Mehraz, Fez, Morocco Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University Fez, Morocco


In our society, social media has become an integral part of our everyday life. We cannot dissociate ourselves from its hegemony. Also, we are influenced by what is transmitted across all categories. Advertising, a significant component of media content, occupies a substantial portion of social media platforms. Consequently, audiences are easily persuaded to purchase specific products. Through advertising on social media, it is straightforward to convey messages of gender role degradation and stereotypes concerning women, effectively convincing the audience. This article aims to illustrate the detrimental effects of advertising's targets on women.  Social media is everywhere in our lives, and advertisements have a significant impact on our lives through the excessive use of social media. However, Social media advertisements frequently depict women negatively, which can lead to negative perceptions of women. This study has shown that social media advertisements negatively portray women, which is alarming. We should be aware of how these advertisements can influence our opinions and take steps to improve them. Ads that fairly and respectfully represent women can contribute to a more inclusive social media environment for all users, including women. It's important to acknowledge the influence of advertising and work toward improving the representation of women online.

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Studies in Media, Journalism and Communications

Volume (Issue)

2 (1)





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Essafa, A., & Fatima, A. (2024). Revealing the Influence of Social Media Advertising on Women’s Representation in Moroccan Society. Studies in Media, Journalism and Communications, 2(1), 34–39.



Advertising, Ads, Social Media, Representation, Gender Roles, Stereotypes