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Examining the Developing Influence of Emerging Technologies in the Media Sector of Afghanistan


  • Musawer Hakimi Assistant Professor, Samangan University, Afghanistan
  • Hamid Bahraam Journalist, TOLO TV, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Amir Kror Shahidzay Associate Professor, Kabul University, Afghanistan
  • Sayed Najmuddin Sadaat Assistant Professor, Kabul University, Afghanistan


The study sets the stage by outlining the growing significance of digital platforms in Afghan media and the transformative potential of emerging technologies in this landscape. The purpose of this research is to comprehensively analyze the current state of affairs, challenges, and opportunities associated with integrating emerging technologies into Afghanistan's media sector. Employing a mixed-methods approach, the study utilizes questionnaires and interviews to gather data from a sample size of 80 participants representing diverse media outlets in Afghanistan. Quantitative analysis involves descriptive statistics and chi-square tests, while qualitative data from interviews are thematically analyzed to provide deeper insights. The results shed light on notable disparities in technology adoption rates, with cloud computing and artificial intelligence emerging as frontrunners. Anticipated integration levels vary across technologies, with cloud computing and AI garnering significant interest. Perceived challenges in integration range from moderately to extremely challenging, while opportunities for media development are viewed as promising. In conclusion, the study underscores the transformative potential of emerging technologies in Afghanistan's media landscape, despite existing challenges. It offers recommendations such as enhancing media literacy and addressing infrastructure gaps to fully harness the benefits of technological advancements.

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Studies in Media, Journalism and Communications

Volume (Issue)

2 (1)





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Hakimi, M., Bahraam, H., Shahidzay, A. K., & Sadaat, S. N. (2024). Examining the Developing Influence of Emerging Technologies in the Media Sector of Afghanistan. Studies in Media, Journalism and Communications, 2(1), 01–12.



Emerging Technologies, Media Evolution, Afghan Media Landscape, Technology Integration, and Societal Implications