A Hybrid Analytical Approximate Technique for Solving Two-dimensional Incompressible Flow in Lid-driven Square Cavity Problem

Navier-Stokes equations q-Homotopy Analysis method Padé approximation Convergence Analysis


  • Maysoon Hatem
    Department of Mathematics; College of Education for Pure Science; Basrah University, Basrah, Iraq
  • A.S.J. Al-Saif Maysan Education Directorate; Maysan , Iraq
April 5, 2023


This paper suggests a new technique for finding the analytical approximate solutions to two-dimensional kinetically reduced local Navier-Stokes equations. This new scheme depends combines the q-Homotopy analysis method (q-HAM) , Laplace transform, and Padé approximant method. The power of the new methodology is confirmed by applying it to the flow problem of the lid-driven square cavity. The numerical results obtained by using the proposed method showed that the new technique has good convergence, high accuracy, and efficiency compared with the earlier studies. Moreover, the graphs and tables demonstrate the new approach’s validity.