Time Series Analysis and Some Applications in Medical Research

Time series time series analysis machine learning ARIMA method


  • Saadettin Aydin
    Health Sciences University, Gülhane Faculty of Medicine, Turkey
October 30, 2022


Time series have applications in many fields. Time Series Analysis is used for many applications, such as economic forecasting, sales forecasting, budgetary analysis, stock market analysis, yield projections, process and quality control, etc. In this study, we examined the applications of time series in the field of health. We gave some examples of applications in the field of health. We mentioned that many more studies could be done in the field of health with time series analysis. In this paper, we reviewed recent works and present a summary and a brief theoretical introduction to time series ARIMA modeling. We have seen that this model is the most widely used method in research in the field of health. As a result, time series analysis, a statistical technique that may be appropriate when data are measured repeatedly and at nearly equal intervals of time, has potential research applications in the study of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and herpes simplex. We believe that this study will guide researchers working in this field in their research.