Group Decision Making Model for Evolution and Benchmarking Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) Messages in Iraq Based on Distance Measurement and Spherical Fuzzy Set

Explosive Ordnance Risk Education, Mine Action, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Hybrid Methods, Distance Measurement, Spherical Fuzzy Set


  • Hadeel M. Al Shukri
    University of Sfax, Federal Board of Supreme Audit, Iraq
  • Abdelaziz Dammak University of Sfax, Laboratory of Modeling and Optimization for Decisional, Industrial and Logistic Systems, Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax, Tunisia
May 19, 2022


Explosive Ordnance Risk Education Messages (EORE) is a multi-criteria decision-making problem (MCDM) based on three steps, namely, the identification of distinct evolution criteria, the significance criteria, and the variation of data. Because it makes use of a more sophisticated classification technique, the group decision method (GDM) based on weighted arithmetic mean (AM) to prioritize (EORE) messages is the proper approach. In contrast to GDM, which explicitly weights each criterion, GDM implicitly weights each alternative's criterion values. With the help of the new hybrid method weighting technique, we can overcome this theoretical difficulty by providing explicit weights for criteria generated with zero inconsistencies and combined with the new distance-based weighting method. SFS (spherical fuzzy set) is used in hybrid methods, although it can only be used to solve the ambiguity associated with the theoretical concerns outlined above.