Statistical Analysis of the Factors Affecting Academic Achievement of Undergraduate Students A Case Study of Faculty of Arts and Science Kufrah -Benghazi University

Academic achievement, family environment, learning facilities, factors, tertiary institutions, students


  • Muna H. Ali
    Assistant Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Arts & Science Kufrah, Benghazi University, Libya
November 16, 2021


This study examined the factors affecting the academic achievement of undergraduate students at the faculty of Arts and Science Kufrah -Benghazi University as a case study. This study seeks to identify and analyze some determining factors that influence students' academic achievement in the study area. Four factors namely: psychological, family, learning facilities, and economic; were considered. The sample was randomly selected from the study population. A questionnaire was administered to 240 (90 males,150 females) students as a sample of this study. The responses of the students were analyzed to meet the objectives of the study using (SPSS) and displayed in forms and tables. After collecting the required data on the variables of the study, they were encoded to be entered into the computer to extract the statistical results. Statistical methods within the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) were used to process data obtained by the field study of the sample. To analyze the data mean difference test is used. Results of arithmetic means of the psychological, family, learning facilities, and economic factors were medium. Furthermore, there were no statistically significant differences in the factors affecting academic achievement among the participants due to some demographic factors such as gender and marital status. following recommendations were made; provide proper learning facilities to the students and also improve the environment of the faculty. Furthermore, the students would perform well if they are properly guided by both their parents and teachers.