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Surface Pressure: Lived Experiences of Eldest Siblings who are Employed College Students



This thesis was conducted to explore the lived experiences of the University of Cebu's eldest siblings, who are employed college students. It discusses factors that have influenced them in working and studying simultaneously, the challenges they have encountered, and the strategies they used to overcome the difficulties. This research used a qualitative research method and was participated in by sixteen (16) informants from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Teacher Education, the College of Computer Studies, and the College of Criminal Justice. The researchers utilized snowball sampling and the non-probability sample technique of purposive sampling to select the participants. A semi-structured interview questionnaire consisting of open-ended questions was used to gather the participant’s data and was analyzed through a process called Thematic Analysis. The participants' responses established eight (8) emergent themes, classified into three (3) overarching themes that offered answers to the sub-problems. The participant’s important statements were then utilized to extract the emergent themes. The first overarching theme is Factors Influenced Employed College Students to Juggle Work and Studies. There were three (3) emergent themes regarding the influences that made the eldest siblings work while studying: Insufficient Financial Resources, Personal Goals, and Eldest Siblings and the Filipino Culture. The second overarching theme is the Challenges Met by the Participants, which mainly focuses on the struggles they have experienced. Under it are two (2) emergent themes: Challenges on Self-Management and Weakened Bonds and Relationships. The third overarching theme is the Coping mechanisms of the participants in dealing with the challenges met. These are the strategies for how the participants coped with the difficulties they had to face. Three (3) emergent themes were created: Personal DispositionOrganization of Tasks and Activitiesand Self-Maintenance. The outcomes of this study were used to understand the lives of these individuals further and identify ways that may help them manage both work and studies as well as themselves.

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Journal of Gender, Culture and Society

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3 (2)





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Sumicad, R., Jumalon, B. Z., Hernando, M. J. C., Mondigo, M. M. P., Honoridez , F. N. T., & Gabuya, R. M. B. (2023). Surface Pressure: Lived Experiences of Eldest Siblings who are Employed College Students. Journal of Gender, Culture and Society, 3(2), 31–54.