Political Conflict between Regional Women Leaders and Politicians of Parliamentary Parties in Jember, Indonesia

leadership women, the relation of authority, political conflict, election, abuse of power


February 15, 2023


The phenomenon of political conflict between female regional heads and the Regional People's Representative Council in Indonesia became rampant after the direct regional head election system was enacted. The purpose of writing this study is to determine the political conflicts that cause the Government to be divided between Executive and legislative. The results of this study show that first, there is a political conflict between the Regent and the DPRD in the Government; second, there are attempts at the abuse of power from political parties. Thus, no single political party in parliament provides recommendations to become candidates for the 2019-2024 Regional Head. Third is the impeachment of the first female Regent in Jember. This study uses descriptive qualitative research. The conclusion of this study is the impeachment of the Female Regent in Jember due to miscommunication and failure to establish a relationship between the DPRD authority and the first female Regent in Jember, thus causing not a single political party in parliament to make recommendations to be candidates for the 2019-2024 Regional Head. This study recommends that regional heads and politicians, as representatives of the people, should provide benefits for the community. Conflicts of personal interest should be set aside, putting society's interests first. It is hoped that all leaders will be able to work together to provide solutions for the community, such as conduciveness and economic recovery after the current pandemic.