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AlarmaPh: A Mobile Swiss Knife for Quick Response Incidents



Accidents can happen at any time, even if you follow traffic rules and practice safe driving. That's why it's important to be prepared for the unexpected. This study aims to provide emergency quick response and enable government agencies to track and manage emergencies all over Cebu City. As we all know, communication is the heart of any unwanted situation. So for Filipinos to be equipped with better and improved knowledge in preparing for disasters and emergencies such as earthquakes and road accidents, respectively, AlarmaPh will let each individual send distress calls to the fire department, police department, and call for ambulance assistance with just a click away. Moreover, AlarmaPh provides basic first aid manuals and before/during/after incident guides. More importantly, the system will let each individual connect with their families and be notified if the family that is registered in the system is involved in an accident or otherwise. On the other hand, other disaster applications have a high rate of subscription fee. As a result, individuals won't have access to the necessary features that they need. AlarmaPh gives you fast access to incident information, remote content management, easy maintenance, and a scalable platform for future growth. The descriptive developmental method of research was used to gather data from the Philippine National Police, Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation, Bureau of Fire Protection, barangay officials, and constituents of Cebu City. The data was analyzed using frequency, simple percentage, and weighted mean. The results showed that the application prototype was highly acceptable to the users. The researchers strongly recommend that the system be implemented and evaluated to solve the existing problems relating to emergency quick response.

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Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies

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5 (3)





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Basabe, N., Carubio, C. J., del Mar, J., & Saberon, C. (2023). AlarmaPh: A Mobile Swiss Knife for Quick Response Incidents. Journal of Computer Science and Technology Studies, 5(3), 70–103.



mobile swiss knife, disaster response, dispatcher, guardian, responder, agile software development, Trello, kanban