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Vol. 5 No. 2: International Journal of Law and Politics Studies

(March-April Issue, 2023) In Progress ...

Published: 2023-03-06

Research Article

Implementation of Tourism Development Policy for State Border Areas in Sabang City, Aceh Province

Erlangga Erlangga, Khasan Effendy, Hadi Prabowo, Marja Sinurat

The Implementation of Executive Toolbox during Jokowi-JK Administration in the Post-2014 Presidential Election

Syafril Efendi, Aditya Perdana

Good Faith Principles in International Business Contract Law

Muhammad Amin Sentosa, Siti Malikhatun Badriyah, Yunarto

History of Legal System and Sources of Law in Force in Indonesia

Nikita Ayu Dini Maulidya, Bambang Eko Turisno, Siti Malikhatun Badriya...

Law Enforcement against Illegal Levies as a Form of Abuse of Authority through Saber Pungli

Sulasno, Joko Setiono

Digital Evidence in Saudi Law: A Comparative Study

Fisal Satouf ALASSAF, Sultan Sulaiman ALJADANI

Juridical Review of the Authority of Local Governments in Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands

Andi Tenri Gusti Harnum Utari Natassa, Sunardi, Joko Setiyono

Lex Mercatoria as Substantive Applicable Law of International Sale and Purchase Contracts

Aditya Rizky, Sunardi, Joko Setiono

Regional Government Responsibilities to Level Crossing Guards to Improve Traffic Safety in Indonesia

Luhur Sekhuti, HARI PURWADI

Tort Law and its Effects on Modern Chinese Society

Ronald Joseph Lin