Latest Issue

Vol. 4 No. 1: International Journal of Law and Politics Studies

(January-June Issue) 

Published: 2022-01-07

Research Article

Reformulation of the Function of the Board of Directors as an Organ of Persero Company in the Framework of Legal Development

Ravi Verdira Susanto, Siti Hamidah, Djumikasih

Palestine’s National Strategy to Put an End for Israeli Occupation (2005-2017)

Muntasir Sameer Abu Alra’uf Jaraar

The Extent to Which the Loading and Unloading Contractor Benefits from Determining the Responsibility of the Sea Carrier under the Bill of Lading

Eman Fathi Hassan AL-Gamiel

Analyzing the Trademark Protection Index of China and Pakistan: A Comparative Study

Muhammad Tahir, Li Lu Gen, Majid Ali, Muhammad Asif

Implementation of Humanitarian Law in Military Operations to Support the Achievement of the Indonesian Armed Forces Main Duties

Arief Fahmi Lubis

Conflict in Interpretation? The Definition and Application of Article 22 of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Pingxue Zou, Taotao Zhao

An Overview of Indonesia's Serious Efforts to Resolve Border Conflict with Malaysia: A Case Study of Camar Bulan and Tanjung Datu Period 2011-2014

Hendra Maujana Saragih

A Comparative Analysis on the Protection of Property Rights and the Intellectual Property Rights: a Pak-Chinese Legal Perspective

Muhammad Tahir, Li Lu Gen, Majid Ali, Muhammad Asif

Fulfilling the Needs of Person with Disabilities in the Courtroom

Mahrus Ali