Latest Issue

Vol. 3 No. 2: International Journal of Law and Politics Studies

(July-December Issue)

Published: 2021-11-14

Research Article

Civil Liability Under the Influence of Breaches of Obligations in Construction Models in Iranian law with an Approach in British law

Nancy Asbaghipour, Reza Simbar

Comparison of Contractual Liability Patterns in the British Legal System and the Iranian Legal System

Nancy Asbaghipour, Reza Simbar

Law Enforcement on Indonesian Sovereign Wealth Fund to Strengthen the National Economy

Andra Rahmad Darmawan, Sukarmi, Adi Kusumaningrum

Does the ‘Two Dogs’ Method of Clandestine Synthesis Use Precursors that are not Legally Regulated on the Australian East Coast?

Victor Chiruta, Robert Renshaw

Optimizing The Role of the General Election Commission in Realizing Democratic Elections in Indonesia

Ta’mirotul Biroroh

The Covid-19 Pandemic as The Basis for Termination of Employment in Indonesia, Between Force Majeure or Efficiency (Analysis of Decision Number: 781 K/Pdt.Sus-PHI/2021)

Aziz Rahimy

Criticism of the War on Terror

Hari Zamharir, Zulkarnain

Legal Protection for Indonesian Freelance Workers in Law Number 11 of 2020 Concerning Work Creation: Analysis of Changes in Legal Protection for Freelance Workers in Indonesia after the Omnibus Law

M. Muhsin

Searching for Material Truth in Civil Trials Based on Civil Procedure Law in Indonesia

Hendri Jayadi