The “Tough Road” of Inheriting Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Age of Digital Media: Taking Dunhuang Art Academy as an Example

digitalization; simulacra; education; audiovisual; value realization


  • Shiqi Tu
    Shaanxi Normal University, Xi 'an 710000, China
  • Xinyu Jiang Shaanxi Normal University, Xi 'an 710000, China
September 8, 2022


Dunhuang intangible cultural heritage is an important form of Chinese traditional culture and the track of the accumulation of Chinese civilization. As a display platform for the export of Dunhuang culture, Dunhuang Art Academy has few scholars to study it. Therefore, based on the various opportunities and challenges posed by the works of Dunhuang Art Academy in the process of preservation, inheritance, and innovation, this paper takes the intangible cultural heritage of Dunhuang Art Academy as an example, focusing on the protection of inheritance, innovation realization in the digital society. The omni media development of Dunhuang Art Academy is discussed from four aspects: simulacra, education, media, and value realization, in order to obtain some new explorations and inspirations for expanding Dunhuang's intangible cultural heritage.