Study on the Application of Eco Museum Concept in Rural Revitalization: Taking Yim Tin Tsai in Hong Kong as an Example

Eco Museum; Rural Revitalization; Community Participation; Yim Tin Tsai


  • Yunxuan Gu
    School of Architecture, Yantai University, Yantai, China
August 30, 2022


This paper discusses the relationship between Eco Museum and rural revitalization. This study explores the possibility of combining the Eco Museum concept with rural revitalization to find a way out for the village's future development. From the perspective of the components of an Eco Museum, this study selects Yim Tin Tsai in Hong Kong as the research object to elaborate and evaluate the application of the Eco Museum concept in the restoration project of Yim Tin Tsai in order to provide a reference for the practice of the Eco Museum concept in China. The study concludes that the local residents of Yim Tin Tsai have been given autonomy to preserve their own local nature and cultural resources in situ. On the basis of this, Yim Tin Tsai has been able to develop sustainably and generate economic benefits for local residents. This study illustrates that it is feasible to realize rural revitalization while practicing the concept of Eco Museum.