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Truth and Lies: A Case Study of the US Government's Information Dissemination Strategy



As a chemical spill that caused serious harm, the Love Canal chemical disaster brought heavy financial, social and public pressure to bear on the US government. Faced with this situation, the US government has adopted a certain information dissemination strategy to lead public opinion and thus reduce resistance. The strategy has been proven to be effective in solving the environmental crisis and secondary social problems in the early years of the crisis, as well as in completing the restoration and resettlement of the canal area ahead of schedule. However, the examination of the US government's information dissemination strategy during this environmental crisis also provides a glimpse into the truth and lies of the US government.

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British Journal of Environmental Studies

Volume (Issue)

2 (1)





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Zhang, S. (2022). Truth and Lies: A Case Study of the US Government’s Information Dissemination Strategy. British Journal of Environmental Studies, 2(1), 60–65.



the US government, information dissemination strategy, the Love Canal tragedy